These bicycle stunts in Odisha capital will surely impress you!

Bhubaneswar: Deadly smog engulfing New Delhi and other parts of north India with the winter setting in, has set the alarm bell ringing. Amid the clamour to save cities with worst air quality, the sight of a few youngsters pedaling along the Odisha capital streets, promoting bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation, reaffirms our faith in the future generation.

Meet the members of Kinetics, the cycling club of KIIT. In their effort to encourage people to shift to bicycle, they held a stunt show last evening, which was all daring and a lot of fun.

Kinetics Stunt Show #bunny_hops #kinetics

Posted by Amlan Panigrahi on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Akash, Santosh and Taranjeet, professional bicycle stunt artists with more than five years of experience were the star performers. Twenty-year-old Taranjeet of Bhubaneswar, who rides a custom-made Montra 1.0D bicycle, has a world ranking of 28 and done 20 shows so far. Akash and Santosh ride Firefox Viper bicycles.

Kinetics Stunt Show #kinetics

Posted by Amlan Panigrahi on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

A group of young college students of Kinetics have been conducting rides every weekend for the last one year averaging 30-40 participants per ride.

They cycle about 30-40 km every Saturday and Sunday in and around Bhubaneswar and always brief the riders of hand gestures, file formation and other rules to be adhered to, during the course of the ride.

Kinetics Stunt Show #luminaire #kiitfest #kinetics

Posted by Kinetics on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

“We want to trend a cycling culture in Bhubaneswar and establish a vehicle-free campus. Kinetics aims to bring all responsible citizens in the city to cultivate the idea of a clean and green future, in the process,” said Amitanshu Tripathy, the founder of this club.

Kinetics sometimes conducts rides in association with Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club. This club is looking to register themselves with Audax, the international cycling sport, so that they can conduct events globally and take part in cross-country tours, as well.

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