These common mistakes can trigger aging!

Bhubaneswar: If you are in your 20s and 30s and still feeling like your age is catching up with you rapidly, here’s a read for you.

They say age is just a number and that could be the truth of anybody’s life. The only thing they have to do is revise their lifestyles and choices. This gets much easier if you identify the ‘don’ts’ before sorting the list of ‘dos’.

Here is a list of things from people’s everyday lives that are gradually stealing their age:

 Too much sun exposure

Spending a lot of time directly under the sun means exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. After a short span of time, even sunscreens fail to shield your skin. That leads to tanned skin and later, wrinkles and age spots.


 Binging on unhealthy food

Eating the right kind of food is essential as it provides the right nourishment to the body and gives a person an ageless glow. So, instead of binging on unhealthy fats and junk foods like burgers and fries, switch to healthy and nutritious foods like nuts, fruits, fatty fish, etc.



Smoking disturbs the body’s natural blood flow and collagen production. This leaves a habitual smoker with wrinkled, pimpled and saggy skin.


 Not getting enough sleep

It turns out that beauty sleep in not a myth after all. When people don’t get enough sleep, their body starts releasing more stress hormones called cortisol. These stress hormones break down collagen that is crucial in keeping the skin healthy and supple.


Skipping on regular exercise

Exercising ensures a person’s physical as well as mental well-being. From strengthening muscles and bones to managing body weight, elevating mood and keeping the brain sharp, regular exercising covers all boxes. Moreover, it also helps ward off serious diseases in people, thus keeping them strong, healthy and timeless.


 Not moisturizing enough

Your skin deserves pampering too and a proper moisturizing routine does the trick. As important washing, cleansing and toning is, the ritual has to be sealed with moisturizing. That ensures your skin remains healthy, vibrant and young.


 Avoiding regular medical checkup

Sick or not, going for a regular medical checkup and keeping a track of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol is a must. This helps in detecting diseases, if any, from their early stages and thus, their immediate treatment.


 Not socialising enough

Socialising is good for a person’s brain, heart and thus, health. Interacting with friends, family and engaging in community activities, keep people’s spirits up, checks the chances of anxiety and depression among them and thus, keep them healthy and young, both mentally and physically. On the other hand, people who keep to themselves all the time tend to fall prey to depression and later, several concerning diseases.


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