These Odisha food bloggers on Instagram will make you drool

Bhubaneswar: A Conde Nast Travellers article titled “Is Odisha India’s most underrated food destination?” published recently delved into a culinary trip across this coastal state. The writer was left amazed at the diversity, variety and simplicity of Odia cuisine. Over a few years, Odias have taken to social media to flaunt and promote the ethnic and authentic dishes of Odisha—be it the classic street food, the festival-specific delicacies or even the simple yet tasty everyday dishes prepared in Odia households all round the year.

Odisha Sun Times lists out a few food enthusiasts who are flooding Instagram with mouth-watering Odia food images and we cannot help but drool over them!


Ananya Mohapatra, a 25-year-old HR executive is the brain behind this handle. She posts pictures of food ranging from typical grandma-cooked dishes like pala chhatu bhaja (fried straw mushrooms), aloo dum and chingudi munda chutney (prawn head chutney) to occasion-specific meals of Odias like those eaten during bana bhojis (picnics) and on the days one is feeling under the weather.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/maythefoodbewithyou
Chicken kassa
Picture courtesy: Instagram/maythefoodbewithyou
Chingudi munda chutney
Picture courtesy: Instagram/maythefoodbewithyou

Most of her food pictures have the recipes enlisted and she sometimes puts up video stories of her cooking, as well. “All my Insta pictures are a mixed bag of food cooked by me or my grandmother and partly from my gastronomical experiences. Odia food is the most satisfying, yet simple pleasure of life. We love our vegetables, as much as we love our meat and seafood. From finger-licking street food to a delectable variety of desserts and sweets, Odia cuisine has it all,” said Ananya.


One look at the photographs on this handle and you know that the adage “less is more” stands true. “Odia food is simple, balanced, flavoursome with the use of less spices and ingredients,” said Lucy Parija of this account, who calls herself a home chef and recipe developer.

Chaanda Chakata
Picture courtesy: Instagram/foodofthenation
Enduri pitha
Picture courtesy: Instagram/foodofthenation
Dahi baigana
Picture courtesy: Instagram/foodofthenation

From the classic chaanda chakata of Kumara Purnima to aroma-ladden enduri pitha of Prathama Ashtami and special dishes of everyday meals like dahi baigana and ghaanta, to name a few.


The owner of this Instagram handle is Subhasri Panda, an Odia now based in Dubai and one cannot browse through her profile without salivating. The striking images of dishes on display will give you major hunger pangs. Some of her posts are on thalis or dishes cooked without onion and garlic for religious events such as Saamba Dasami, Manabasa gurubara, Sudasa BrataMakara Sankaranti, Kartika Purnima, etc.

Kartika Prunima lunch spread
Picture courtesy: Instagram/odiya_uae_foodie
Sudasa Brata lunch spread
Picture courtesy: Instagram/odiya_uae_foodie
Manabasa gurubara lunch spread
Picture courtesy: Instagram/odiya_uae_foodie

This amateur photographer who clicks her own preparations, believes that the austerity of our cuisine lies in its simple methods of cooking that uses less spices but exudes inviting aroma and satiates taste buds to the maximum. “I treated my Dubai friends to our food and they loved it!” said an excited Subhasri.


Alisa Suryatapa’s culinary chronicle is bound to lull you into a “food coma”. Replete with stunning pictures of creatively organised thalis and scrumptious snacks, it is a must-follow handle that will not disappoint.

Bara ghuguni
Picture courtesy: Instagram/culinary_chronicle
Chakuli pitha with aloo-matar curry, fried potato and vermicelli porridge
Picture courtesy: Instagram/culinary_chronicle
Fish thali
Picture courtesy: Instagram/culinary_chronicle

This home chef’s variety of thalis for everyday quintessential Odia lunches to breakfast options like bara-ghuguni, chakuli pitha-aloo tarkari and more is guaranteed to make your tummies rumble!


Priyanka Panda has taken it upon herself to impart knowledge on the palatable cuisine of western Odisha with the help of incredible photographs and recipes such as giddy ful and sarsatiya.

Giddy ful cooked with badi, tomatoes and eggplant
Picture courtesy: Instagram/treasure_of_food
Picture courtesy: Instagram/treasure_of_food
Patalghanta cooked with badi, tomatoes and bamboo shoots
Picture courtesy: Instagram/treasure_of_food

Her handle also has a spread of other home-cooked Odia dishes such as khiri, cauliflower stem fry, mugabara and janhi posto, among many others.

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