These pre-workout breakfasts may help you lose weight easily

Bhubaneswar:  If you are an early-morning gym-goer, committed to managing your weight as soon as possible but getting easily drained of energy before ending your sessions, the answer to your prayers could be pre-workout breakfasts.

Pre-workout breakfasts are designed to boost the levels of proteins, carbs and antioxidants in your body. They are excellent support systems for you to efficiently finish your workout sessions every single time. They are smooth on your early-morning tummy, easy-to-prepare and also boost you up with all the energy you need to shed those extra pounds or build some strong muscles.  So, here are some foods you can have as your pre-workout breakfast before getting started with your workout sessions:


  A 100% natural fruit juice


Make yourself a fresh glass of natural fruit juice, no sugar added.  Drink it before hitting the gym.  Fruit juice is not actually a typical breakfast but having a glass of it before working out shoots one’s energy level, boosts their metabolism and helps burn those extra calories more efficiently.


 Yogurt and banana smoothie

A simple smoothie prepared by blending a banana with some yogurt and milk is a perfect nutrient-booster for solid training.


 Cereals or granola

If you are into muscle-training, a small meal of cereals or some granola will give your body the extra boost it needs to reach the finish line of an intense workout session.


 Slice of toast with jam

Munch on some toast and jam before heading to the gym. It’s easy to make, lighter to digest and a rather tastier way to boost your energy for your workout session.


Sprouted grains

Sprouted grains are rich in fiber and low in carb and thus, help check a person’s blood sugar and burn a good amount of calories. This makes them an ideal pre-workout snack for fitness enthusiasts.


 Egg and grapes

A hard-boiled egg is a smart pre-workout breakfast choice as it gives a great protein shot to a person and is easy on the tummy too. To have some fast-acting energy, add some grapes on the plate.



Grab a banana before getting on with a training session. It goes easy on your stomach and on pairing-up with a spoon of peanut butter,  it gives you a bit more shot of protein and fat your body would need to keep going with your solid training session.


  Oatmeal with milk

Weather boil it with milk or soak it overnight, a bowl of oatmeal with some raisins, nuts, or berries is a filling and energizing pre-workout breakfast for you. If you have lactose-intolerance, replace the regular dairy milk with some soy or almond milk.

So, embrace fitness and begin your day with your favourite pre-workout breakfast.

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