This is why model-actor Milind Soman cannot donate plasma despite recovering from Covid-19

Mumbai: Model and actor Milind Soman explained on Monday why he is unable to donate plasma despite recovering from Covid-19.

“Back to the jungle! Went to Mumbai to donate plasma but didn’t have enough antibodies for donation. Even though plasma therapy is not proven effective 100%, there are opinions that it might help, so I guess we must do whatever we can,” Milind wrote on Instagram along with a selfie.

“Low antibody count generally means I had mild symptoms and that I have enough to fight another infection but not enough that I can help other people. Felt a bit sad. #postcovid,” he further explained.

In a recent Instagram post, the 55-year-year old, known for his fitness, shared a few tips with netizens to improve their strength and flexibility.

“Six finger pullups — third set of 8 repetitions. Every part of your body and mind, organs and systems, muscles, focus, concentration, stamina, digestion, are getting weaker as you grow older, and by older I mean after mid-twenties, slowly at first, but then faster and faster .. UNLESS you make the effort to keep every part of your body and mind strong. It’s upto us to understand our mental and physical weaknesses and make lifestyle and attitude choices to ensure we do not suffer due to them,” he wrote recently.


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