This Odia food delivery service is making life easy in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Tired of eating out and craving for lip smacking piping hot home-cooked meal, but in no mood to cook for yourself? Worry not! What you are yearning for is just a phone call away.

Happy Eats, a food delivery service in the capital city is making it easy for the on-the-go Bhubaneswarites, who yearn for desi meal if too lazy to cook at home, tired of hostel food or at luncheon in office. Offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian Odia meals (which include salad, papad and sweets) six working days a week, it is fast becoming a city favorite.

“We are just like the Mumbai Dabbawalas. Currently, we deliver lunch meals only all over Bhubaneswar. One needs to call or just drop a Whatsapp message and we confirm the order. You can place your order by 11 am and your dabbas will be delivered by 1:30 pm,” said Jyotiranjan Sahoo, the 21-year-old founder of this venture.

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In just a couple of months of being in business, Happy Eats has garnered as many as 30 customers who order regularly. The clientele includes, college students, senior citizens and working professionals who either order on a day-to-day basis or opt for the monthly scheme. The vegetarian meal is priced at Rs. 90 and non-vegetarian meal at Rs. 120, including delivery charges.

Apart from the regular menu items that change everyday and vegetarian preferences of Odias on days like Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Happy Eats also introduced special menus for those on a no-onion-no-garlic diet during Navratri and in the Kartika month.

Besides oou khata, chhena tarkari to chingudi ghanta, ambula raie, kaakera pitha, khichdi, ghia arna, prepared for occasion-specific menu, typical Odia desserts such as chhena jhilli and chhena poda are also served with the meal.

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“The food is prepared in my kitchen under the strict supervision of my mother who insists on preparing masalas at home and using them in the food. Hygiene and customer satisfaction are our topmost priorities and our customers can vouch for that,” he added.

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