This tech company gives huge bonus to employees for losing weight

Bhubaneswar: Insta360, a tech company based in Shenzhen, China, has garnered attention for its innovative employee wellness program that encourages weight loss through substantial financial incentives. The program, introduced in early 2023, offers nearly USD 140,000 in total bonuses to participants.

According to Jiupai News, this initiative has yielded remarkable outcomes, with over 150 employees shedding a combined total of 800 kg and earning nearly USD 100,000 in rewards.

The program operates like a weight-loss boot camp, running for three months and enrolling 30 employees per session, with a focus on those with obesity. The South China Morning Post reports that each session is divided into three groups, with bonuses distributed based on the group’s average weekly weight loss.

The success of the program is attributed to the power of group dynamics, as no participant gained weight during the camps, underscoring the extra motivation provided.

“Creating groups adds a moral dimension for employees,” explained Li, a staff member. “If you don’t slim down, you affect not only your bonus but also that of your colleagues.”

Li, who joined in November 2023, was drawn to the program for both its financial benefits and health improvements. By combining a controlled diet with daily exercise such as running, swimming, and basketball, he managed to lose 17.5 kg and earned a reward of 7,410 yuan (US$1,000).

The initiative has been widely praised on Chinese social media for its effectiveness and impact.

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