This unique Huawei smartwatch carries earbuds inside

San Francisco: Chinese tech giant Huawei has confirmed the existence of the device “Huawei Watch Buds” on the Chinese Twitter-like site Weibo that includes earbuds beneath the dial, the media reported.

The Huawei Watch Buds, as the name implies, are a pair of earbuds hidden within a smartwatch, reports The Verge.

It is unclear what kind of performance or battery life users can expect from this product, but the watch itself appears to run HarmonyOS (Huawei’s own operating system).

Moreover, the tech giant had promised to reveal the device on December 2 but postponed the launch due to some unexplained reasons, according to the report.

Several outlets speculated that it was to honour the passing of former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin on November 30, which also affected other Chinese product announcements over the last week, the report added.

Despite their bare-bones appearance, Huawei’s earbuds are unlike any other product it has released before.

The smartwatch could be a useful solution for runners and other athletes who don’t want to carry a separate earbud case during a workout, said the report.

At present, there are no details available regarding the pricing and regional availability of the device.



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