‘Those fasting in Ramzan can receive COVID-19 vaccine’

Lucknow: A ‘fatwa’ issued by a prominent Sunni cleric here has said that those observing fast during the month of Ramzan can get vaccinated for Covid-19.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali, in a fatwa, said, “At a time when vaccination has become a necessity to stay safe from Covid-19 pandemic, devotees can go for vaccination while fasting for Ramzan.”

“Roza observed by devotees does not break due to Covid vaccination, which means that those who wish to and are allowed to get vaccination, should do so. Vaccination is an intramuscular injection, hence not digested. Therefore, it will not break your fast. We are encouraging Muslims to go for vaccination as a part of their commitment to their well-being,” said Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali.

To help fasting Muslims during Ramzan, helplines are run by both Shia and Sunni clerics and these are flooded with questions related to vaccination.

There are women centric helplines too where questions are being answered by women educated in Islamic laws.

Among other queries that callers have put forth recently ahead of Ramzan include if a devotee is experiencing Covid symptoms, how should he observe the fasting month, and what is the code of law to avoid Covid-19 or any other infection or disease.

“Those who are experiencing Covid symptoms should immediately get themselves tested and not observe roza this time. For the ones who are not well, the instructions of the Prophet for the devotee is to first visit a doctor and take their suggestions. It is also mentioned in the Hadith Shareef that ‘kalonji’ (nigella seed) keeps every illness at bay. Therefore, it should be taken during sehri and iftar,” the cleric said.

A caller asked if a person could recite ‘ayats’ (verses) and read ‘tasbeeh’ (rosary) without cleaning himself, to which it was suggested that people could do so without cleaning their hands but they should not touch the Holy Quran.

Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali, recently got himself vaccinated and asked Muslims to shed hesitancy and get themselves vaccinated.


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