Three new MEMU trains to run in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The East Coast Railway has decided to introduce three new MEMU trains between Puri and Cuttack, Cuttack and Bhadrak, and Cuttack and Paradeep.

MEMU Train between Puri and Cuttack will replace 58416 Cuttack-Paradeep passenger with train number 68416 Puri-Cuttack MEMU from September 28. In return direction, 58415 Cuttack-Puri passenger with train number 68415 Cuttack-Puri MEMU from September 29.

Similarly, MEMU Train between Cuttack and Bhadrak will replace 58436/58435 & 58424/85423 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack passenger with Train number 68436/68435 & 68424/68423 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack MEMU from September 28 and September 29, respectively.

MEMU Train between Cuttack and Paradeep will replace 58401 Cuttack-Paradeep Passenger Train with Train number 68401 Cuttack-Paradeep MEMU from September 28 and in return direction 58402 Paradeep-Cuttack passenger with train number 68402 Paradeep-Cuttack MEMU.

All the MEMU Trains will run as per the timings of the passenger trains.

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