Top Entrepreneurship lessons from the MDH King

Dharampal Gulati (27 March 1923 – 3 December 2020) was an Indian businessman, founder and CEO of MDH (Mahashian Di Hatti) one of the biggest Indian spice company of all time. The company is the second-largest leader in the Indian market share with 12% shares. MDH has been a trending spice seller not only in India but also on an international scale. 

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati was popularly regarded as ‘MDH Uncle’ as he was the face of the brand/company for years. He is seen in almost all the advertisement and the packaging of the brand for years. In 2019, he was awarded India’s third-highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan. He leaves behind a legacy with a net worth of 5,400 Cr. There are so many things that one can learn from the iconic man who went on to become the ‘King of Spice’ of India. He is nothing but an inspiration for everyone and especially entrepreneurs of all ages. He is a true example of rags-to-riches. He went from an immigrant to Padma Bhushan. 

Dharampal Gulati
Dharampal Gulati
  • Start-ups:

Every company at one point is a start-up and MDH Spice is one of the strongest examples of the same. He started a company, maintained it for years and turned it into a brand. Working on a start-up in the 1930s might surely been a huge challenge and not only did he overcome it but he made it into a huge brand that it is today.

  • Value of each Idea:

One thing that Dharampal Gulati surely convinces us that ‘No idea is smaller’ and ‘how every idea is valuable’. One man decided to be one of the biggest sellers of spices from a country that is one of the biggest consumers of spices. The acceptance and dedication that he carried for his idea is truly remarkable. Understanding that spices is a basic need and also will be ever-lasting and working to imply that idea into a business empire. 

  • New Local Idea: 

India is an ancient country with many home-based ideas and beliefs. One of them, was the spices should be made at home for the family’s consumption. A stereotype that was broken by MDH Masalas by bringing the idea that people can simply buy the spices directly and established a market for himself. Perseverance for the idea and believing that something so different can be achieved by working hard for it. 

  • Business Values and Marketing:

The value, vision and perseverance to run a business for almost a century needs these qualities instilled in the owner. Dharampal Sir is an example of the same. He honoured his business values and cherished it for all along the years. No business can be made into a brand without the commitment of the owner and following through with utmost dedication. Every new mode of marketing print and digital was accepted by the company as it goes by. Finding the best way to reach out to the mass audience was achieved by the company is late 1990’s and maintaining the same all along the years.  

  • Making a ‘Real’ brand:

When we say MDH, our mind itself makes a mental image of Dharampal Sir in our minds. We all are aware of the MDH advertisement music and song that has become so famous along with the brand. Not only did he make a song and a general advertisement go popular with his brand. He made a brand out of himself. People believe what is in front of them and he implied this idea to the fullest. He made sure that people knew him and ‘his’ brand. No one can forget the iconic packaging that has ‘an old man’ on the box. Who wouldn’t trust the brand when the owner is confident enough to put himself on the box instead of a celebrity? He broke the conception that one needs a celebrity to broadcast their brand.

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