More trouble for Odisha FS &CW Min Sanjay, civil society demands faster CBI probe

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 15: 

As many as 22 civil society organisations of Odisha under the banner of ‘Civil Society Association’ today demonstrated in front of Bhubaneswar CBI office demanding faster investigation into the chit fund scam in general and the allegations against Odisha Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare (FS &CW) Minister Sanjay Das Burma in particular.


“The name of the accused has been given and the chargesheet has been filed. I fail to see why the agency called the accused under section-91 of CrPC that allows him to send a representative instead of reporting in person. Besides, shouldn’t the agency clarify if the Sanjay Das Burma in its documents is the same one as in the ministry,” said an agitator.

Besides, the protestors alleged that the investigations have slowed down because of a political understanding between BJD and BJP and demanded that the CBI investigate the money trail of the chit fund companies to expose all the politicians involved.

“The CBI investigation into the chit fund scam has slowed down considerably in the past year. After the Supreme Court asked CBI to take over the investigation, the people of the state had hoped that the culprits would get behind the bars and the investors would get justice,” said Shakti Prasad Mishra, an agitator.

“The Supreme Court had specifically asked the agency to investigate the money trail. However, nothing of that sort has happened. This is in a way protecting the politicians involved,” he added.

They association later submitted a memorandum to the CBI officials and warned that they would continue with the protests until the central agency exposes the link between the chit fund companies and politicians.

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