These places claim to be serving the tastiest Biriyani in India

If there’s one dish every Indian food lover will swear by, it has to be biryani! No, wait! Before you even go there, we will say this for the thousandth time and break it to you, that there is no such thing as ‘Veg Biryani.’

Biryani finds its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. As you might already know, the dish is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat. The meat varieties for Biryani can range from chicken, beef, goat, pork, lamb, prawn, or fish meat. The dish is also a favorite among regions in Afganistan, Iran, and Iraq. 

Do you know that the love for Biryani among food lovers has been so severe that during the parliamentary elections in 2014, the sales for Biryani skyrocketed in Hyderabad? It became common for people to visit Biryani stalls and find them all stocked out because the politicians and political workers had already emptied those counters. 

Every state and region in India have their version of Biryani. You can easily find a full page in your neighborhood restaurant’s menus, dedicated to a wide range of Biryanis. But, are those indeed the authentic ones? According to Curly Tales, Biryani is the most googled dish of 2020. So, how about trying out the best ones? Here, we have compiled of list of places in India where you can find the best Biryani!


Paradise Biryani:

paradise BiriyaniTrue to its’ name, this place is undoubtedly a paradise for Biryani lovers. The site originated from a small canteen and a cafe in a theatre named ‘Paradise’ in Secunderabad in 1953. The taste of Biryani available at Paradise was so well-loved and well-received that the place now has multiple outlets across the country, with over 17 outlets in Hyderabad itself.


Idris Ki Biryani:

idris biriyaniA 50-year-old shop located in Lucknow, is currently run by the third generation of the family of its’ owner. This place is Chef Ranveer Brar’s favorite Biryani spot. He says that the biryani at Idris ki Biryani is cooked perfectly that a Lucknawi Biryani must be cooked with subtle spicing. Next time you are in Lucknow, don’t miss this special recommendation.


Andhra Bhawan:

andhra bhavan This legendary place is known for serving over 600 plates of Biryani every day. That is outstanding! Right? This place is located in New Delhi, and it is said that this is the closest our capital can come to Andhra cuisine. If you want to try out the special Hyderabadi Chicken Dum biryani served at Andhra Bhavan, set your schedules to visit the place on Sundays during lunch hours.


Bohri Biryani:

Bohri kitchenChef Manjit Gill shared that when ITC was planning its first luxury hotel in Mumbai, they looked out for archetypalcuisine. That is when he came across ‘Bohri Biryani’ and has loved it since then. He also shared that the Biryani you get at Bohri House has the most tender meat. Yay! We know you are already excited.


Wahid’s Biryani:

wahid biriyaniLocated in Lucknow, Wahid’s Biryani is the ultimate go-to place if you want to enjoy the most authentic Awadhi flavors. Apart from the Biryani at Wahid’s Biryani, the salads, chutneys and raitas, the kebabs at Wahid’s Biryani are also a must-try.



bawarchi biryani hyderabadAnother gem of Hyderabad, Bawarchi is located at RTC Cross Roads in the city. You can enjoy the traditional Hyderabadi flavored biryanis with loads of mutton and chicken, which is roasted on the outside and is tender from within. Visit this place to experience the richness of taste.



al jawahar biriyani

The old city of Delhi is the hub of iconic street food in Delhi. Al Jawahar, located in New Delhi, is best known for the most delightful non-vegetarian treats. You can be sure to find any kind of kebab you want to drool on. The most popular dishes at Al Jawahar are Mutton achaar or Chicken Aachar Biryani.


Persian Durbar:

Persian DarbarFounded and established in 1976 in Mumbai, Persian Durbar has been serving phenomenal mutton and chicken biryani. Along with the best Biryanis available at Persian Durbar, traditional Firni is a must-try for dessert lovers.

Hurray! Are you ready to experience the most exciting Biryanis and burps? Happy eating!

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