Two brothers injured in Pitbull attack, case filed against owners

Greater Noida: A Pitbull attacked two brothers in Greater Noida’s Liyana village, sources said, adding that a case has been registered against the dog’s owners — a father-son duo.

The incident took place on Friday evening.

According to the sources, the dog first attacked the younger brother, identified as Raj Bhati, when he was standing outside his home.

When the older brother, Narayan Bhati tried to save him, the Pitbull attacked him as well.

The children’s father, Police Inspector Nagendra Bhati alleged that one Phireram and his son, Amit had left their dog loose in the streets.

The boys’ relatives stated that dog had caught hold of Raj’s arm and did not let go even as the child screamed in pain.

Raj suffered injuries on his arms and legs and Narayan was injured on his legs.

Earlier, strict laws were implemented regarding keeping dangerous breeds of dogs in Noida and Ghaziabad after several cases of such attacks came to light.

Police are investigating the matter.


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