Two brothers mercilessly beaten by former police officer over cricket match

Gurugram: A retired policeman was arrested for mercilessly thrashing two siblings over a cricket match brawl here in Sector-39, police said on Tuesday.

The incident took place on Monday evening and later went viral on social media, where the ex-cop Prem Babu Sharma and his family members could be seen tying up one of the two brothers to an electric pole and severely thrashing him.

Acording to the police, the matter escalated into a major brawl after Prem’s son Naveen sustained eye injury during a cricket match.

The victims were identified as Suraj and Vishvajeet, residents of Jharsa village in Gurugram.

The siblings alleged in their complaint that they were playing cricket in the Jharsa village on Monday evening when Naveen reached the spot and insisted on joining the match.

“We allowed him to play with us and during the match Naveen suffered a minor eye injury after which he complained to his parents. Later, his father and his relatives came there and brutally thrashed us.

“Our sister also pleaded with them to leave us but they didn’t pay heed to her and continued beating us mercilessly,” the victims said.

“We have arrested the retired policeman on Tuesday. The incidents occurred due a brawl during a cricket match between the two groups,” Sub-Inspector Suresh Kumar, In-charge Jharsa police station told IANS.


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