Udaipur killing: Kanhaiya Lal had filed threat complaint but police ‘compromised’

Jaipur: The family members of Kanhaiya Lal, who was brutally murdered on Tuesday, claimed that the deceased had filed a complaint with the police on June 15 alleging that he was being threatened by anti-social elements, however, police instead of acting, only helped in bringing a compromise. The Rajasthan government has now suspended ASI Bhanwarlal on Wednesday.

His family members alleged, “The poor man did not open his shop for six days fearing for his life. However, on Tuesday, when he opened his shop, he was beheaded. Had the police acted on his complaint on time, he would have been alive today. He has been getting threats after the social media post in support of Nupur Sharma. In fact, Kanhaiya Lal feared that he would be killed,” said his family members.

He sought help from the police. On June 15, a complaint was lodged at the Dhanmandi police station in this connection. However, the police claim that after talks between the two sides, an agreement was reached.

In the complaint given to the police on June 15, he alleged, “About 6 days ago something was posted by my son while he was playing a game on his mobile phone. I didn’t know about it. After two days, two people came to my shop. They said – an objectionable post has been posted from your mobile. I said that I do not know how to operate a mobile. My child plays games on it. That might have happened by mistake. After this, the post was also deleted. They said don’t do it again.”

On June 11, Kanhaiya was asked to come to Dhanmandi police station after an FIR was registered against him. The one who filed the report was Kanhaiya’s neighbour. When Kanhaiya reached the police station, the police arrested him but he was given bail the same day. It is alleged that an agreement was reached by ASI Bhanwarlal between the two parties. Even after this, when threats continued, Kanhaiya complained to the police, but it was not taken seriously.

According to Kanhaiya Lal, five other people along with the complaining neighbours were doing recce of his shop after reaching the agreement. Those people were constantly threatening that if this person is seen anywhere, he will be killed.

Kanhaiya Lal said he continued to receive threats on WhatsApp calls, he complained to the police station but ASI did not pay any attention. Police said. ‘Agreement has been reached, take care of yourself, if you feel anything, tell us.’

Bhanwarlal was suspended on Tuesday for being negligent in his duty. The role of another policeman is also being probed.


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