UN mission condemns clashes in Tripoli

Tripoli, Aug 18:

The UN mission in Libya condemned Sunday the escalation in confrontations between rival militias in the capital city of Tripoli, calling on all parties to respond positively to its ceasefire efforts.

un logo“The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) condemns the grave escalation in the military confrontations in Tripoli and its suburbs,” Xinhua quoted UNSMIL as saying in its statement.

“The Mission strongly denounces the shelling of residential neighbourhoods, which has inflicted casualties among civilians, forced them out of their homes and caused damage to property.”

The Mission also deeply regretted that there was no response to the repeated international appeals and its own efforts for an immediate ceasefire. However, it still appealed to all parties to cooperate with its efforts to end the bloodshed and stave off further losses and to expedite tackling the current crisis, starting with a cessation of fighting, the statement added.

Clashes between rival militias intensified in Tripoli Friday and Saturday.


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