These 7 Indian Beaches deserve more die-hard travelers

The beauty of solitude is one of the greatly cherished emotions experienced by mankind. Our everyday lives with jam-packed work schedules and stringent deadlines leave little or no time for this quiet repose that we all desperately need. Traveling to a quiet little beach to sit and soak yourself under the mystical sunshine as the waves splash all over you, one after the other- can be quite a therapeutic experience!

The coastline of India is home to a magnitude of splendid beaches. It is also home to the world-class tourism industry. Hence, most of our memories comprise of beaches full of people and pollution. These clamoring beaches do little if you’re seeking solitude. However, you’ll be amazed to know that India also bears a collection of some lesser-known beaches which lie hidden away from spoil and rummage. Lying somewhat disconnected from the noisy world, it can be quite a challenge to get to some of these beaches but the enthralling experience makes it totally worth it!

Far from the madding crowd, discover some of these exquisite beaches of India in their untouched glory.

1) Chandipur Beach, Odisha

Source – India Today

Located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, Chandipur beach is a gift away from that noisy city life. Book a nearby hotel and come along to explore the uniqueness of this mystical beach. The beach is known to play hide and seek with everyone who visits it. The waves at this beach recede backward up to 2 kilometers during low tides and you’ll find you might find yourself rushing to catch it. The delights of the casuarina plantation as birds fly over you to dissolve into the vivid sunset is a sight to behold.

2) Marari Beach, Kerala

Source – Cghearth

Marari Beach in Kerala is a rather well-maintained beach clad with clear sands and gushing waves of the sea. Getting to the beach is very convenient due to its location near the airport. While visiting the beach, one can also pay a visit to the world-famous tea plantations of Munar and the wildlife of Periyar. These additional benefits make it relatively more popular among the tourists but the mornings and late evenings are exceptionally serene. Nearby snack shops & Ice cream parlors help you plan a perfect beach day.

3) Agonda Beach or the silent beach

Source – Dept. of Wandering

When we think of Goa, our mind imagines the hippie land of night parties and beaches flooded with people, especially in the North Goa area. Agonda beach on the other hand is arguably the least crowded beach in Goa and has also been referred to as the silent beach. It is located in a large village located in Canacona in South Goa district. The azure blue waters with the shining white sands paint a picturesque portrait that you cannot afford to miss. The beach is also one of the rare nesting sites of the famous Olive Ridley turtles. If you’re lucky enough, you might even across one of them!

4) Butterfly Beach, Goa

Source – Curlytales

Visiting this beach is something that should be at the top of your bucket list. The lack of a proper route or means to get to the butterfly beach makes it a hidden gem. Millions of exquisite species of butterflies, aquatic life, and crabs constitute the fauna on the beach. The secluded beach with dozens of butterflies hovering over you while you witness dolphins leaping in the waves makes the experience nothing short of magic. You’re likely to come across very few people and the mere lack of noise contributes to the bliss and calmness in the air. The trip includes a lot of steep climbs as no vehicles, not even the two-wheelers or ATVs can go through a set of water bodies, steep climbs, and forested areas. In fact, don’t be surprised if you come across a rave party at the beach.

5) Cherai Beach, Kerala

Source – Photography Life

Located on the northern side of Vypin Island, a suburb of the city Kochi in the state of Kerala lies the Cherai beach. Chinese nets piled with a fishermen’s long day of work, long stretches of white sand, clumps of palms trees, and lone ships silhouetted against the sunset makes the beach a photographer’s delight. Popular among locals and lone travelers, the beach offers a calming retreat. Soak yourself under the tangy hues of the seascape as you witness schools of dolphins chasing small boats across the ebb.

6) Lalaji bay Beach, Andaman Islands 

Source – Thrillophilia

Lalaji bay beach of the Andaman Islands is one of the lesser-known beaches of India. The pristine clear waters with a range of fish sliding by you make it a mesmerizing delight. You can witness a stunning sunrise with absolutely nobody else on the beach at the time. Being surrounded by wide escapes of water all around you and no other human in sight can look daunting but is as close as it gets to achieving full solitude. The beach also makes an ideal spot for sand and surf lovers! Reaching the beach involves hiking through a range of mangrove creeks, hence making it an adventurous trek.

7) Ottinene Beach, Karnataka 

Source – Team-bhp

The Ottinene beach of Karnataka is guarded by overhanging cliffs making it a rather secluded affair than other mainstream beaches in India. You can either walk down to the beach or take the road up the hillock through the Someshwara temple. On getting to the temple you will observe one of the most startling views ever. Ottinene beach is where the river Sumana finally merges with the Arabian sea. The different hues of water merging are sure to take your breath away. While planning a day at the beach, make sure to carry eatable since you won’t find too many people or eateries at the beach except for a few ice-cream shops and snack stations.

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