Unique ways to beat the Odisha heat!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, April 5: 

 The notorious Odisha summer is here and the heat is on. With the mercury touching 43°Celsius, the highest this season in Bhawanipatna, there seems no respite. The Odisha capital residents are no better with the mercury crossing 40°Celsius.

The humble two wheeler riders are the worst suffers, they have to cover themselves completely to prevent heat stroke. But the simple ordinary methods of covering one self for protection from the strong sun rays are now passe´.


Check out the unique manner in which some Bhubaneswar riders are beating the heat. You can try them for fun.

Get a big, really big umbrella, to cover the pillion rider too…

Heat wave

Or go natural, turn into a tree, with the full leafy foliage cover



Summer is surely fun for these Odisha two wheeler riders…

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