US President-elect Joe Biden To Ask All Americans To Wear Masks For 100 Days

Maryland: US President-elect Joe Biden asked Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office in the light of preventing the Coronavirus.

In the CNN report, he stated that there would be a significant decline in Coronavirus cases if every person in American wore a face covering. He even said that he would order masks to be used in all US government buildings.

“The first day I’m inaugurated to say I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask. Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction if we occur that, if that occurs with vaccinations and masking to drive down the numbers considerably. Coronavirus ended our marriage,” Mr. Biden said to CNN agency.

But the Constitutional experts stated that a US president has no legal authority to order Americans to wear masks. But Mr. Biden informed that he and his Vice-President Kamala Harris would set an example by asking people to cover their face.

He said, “I’m going to issue a standing order that in federal buildings you have to be masked. Transportation, interstate transportation, you must be masked, airplanes and busses, et cetera.”

As per the records, the US has recorded 14 million cases and 275,000 deaths from Covid-19.


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