Vendor sells veg gold burger at Rs 1k in Ludhiana. You don’t have to pay if you finish it within 5 minutes!

Bhubaneswar: After gold biriyani and gold tea, internet’s new gold-laced food sensation is ‘veg gold burger’ and you don’t have to visit a 5-star hotel to grab a bite.

A street vendor in Punjab’s Ludhiana city is selling ‘veg gold burger’ for Rs. 1000. But, customers can have it for free if they manage to finish the burger within five minutes.

Official Sahi hai, a food vlogging channel on YouTube, earlier shared a video of Baba Ji Burger wale’s gold burger. They had been to the street food stall to try the challenge of finishing the burger within five minutes.

The video showed the entire process of making the giant burger. It’s a four-bun burger with stuffing including sauces, mayonnaise, sweet corn, frozen fruits, dries nut, potato chips, crispy paneer patties and potato patties. After the giant burger was ready, it was garnished with sheets of 24 carat gold.

The vloggers wrote that the burger was the most expensive street food burger as it costs Rs. 999. However, if a customer wins the challenge of finishing it up within five minutes, they won’t have to pay a penny for it.

Watch the video here:

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