VHP soon to launch nationwide campaign on family unity

Ayodhya: The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) will take out yatras on specified dates as part of a nationwide awareness campaign about unity in family to counter religious conversion and ‘love jihad’.

Sharad Sharma, VHP spokesperson said on Thursday, “The decision was taken at a meeting of 237 representatives of the parishad. It was a unanimous view that there was an all-round attack on the Hindu family structure.”

The VHP has also decided to urge the government to keep the above factors in mind while formulating the education policy and the Uniform Civil Code.

The yatra will be organised by the Bajrang Dal, with a special focus on connecting with the youth.

According to the proposal agreed upon at the above-mentioned meeting which took place in Raipur, Chhattisgarh on June 25, a lack of values in children and a growing distance between the old and the new generation were the main reasons for the breakdown in the family structure.

An important part of the campaign will be to organise such activities which shall enable the participation of all family members and bring them together.

The VHP’s call for action reads, “The greatest attack on the family structure seems to be happening from the entertainment industry…films, web series, various serials…are glorifying self-centered liberty and mocking the family system.”

It also blames advertisements which show disrespect to culture, values and traditions and blames it on an ‘international conspiracy’. It also contains an appeal to the entertainment industry to produce such content which strengthens society and families. An appeal is also made to the judiciary to keep in mind such values in its judgments and observations. ”


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