Viral video: Minister sits on ferris wheel to get mobile phone signal

Ashoknagar (Madhya Pradesh): Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of State for Public Health Engineering Brajendra Singh Yadav sits on a 50-feet-high ferris wheel whenever he wants to talk to officers and fellow ministers while being present at Surel village in Ashoknagar district.

Photos and videos of the incident have gone viral on social media.

Yadav is in Surel village of Ashoknagar district these days, participating in a religious ceremony and is committed to spend the next few days here. People are sharing their problems with him but the minister isn’t able to convey the same to the officers.

Since there is a village fair going on, Yadav thought of putting up a hammock on a 50-feet swing borrowed from the fair. He climbs up on the swing at a height of 50 feet and gets the mobile signal easily.

Yadav told journalists: “Many villagers are coming to me with the problems that they face every day. But owing to a bad mobile network, I wasn’t able to help them. So, to get a better mobile connectivity, I am sitting on a 50-feet high swing in order to speak to the officers and solve their problems.”

(with IANS inputs)

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