[Watch]: A little ‘hero’ on streets of China 

Chongquing: A little boy on the streets of China became an epitome of innocent love after a video showing how he helped his mother after she was hit by a car, went viral on social media platform.

A recent CCTV footage from the streets of China attracted a lot of eyeballs on social media. It showed a woman walking across the road with her son when a speeding car hit and threw them to the ground.  The little boy immediately stood up and checked on his mother. Crying, he ran towards the car and started kicking its fenders. Again, he ran back to help his mother.

People across the street gathered at the spot immediately. The car driver also stepped out of the vehicle taking full responsibility of the incident and helped the woman out. He took her and the boy with him.

The local police informed that no serious injury was caused and the man took full responsibility of his action. However, the little boy became the ‘hero’ of the moment and social media couldn’t help but appreciate his innocent love for his mother.

One social media user wrote, “Hugs to the little hero. Take a bow”

Another wrote, “Please keep that innocent, pure heart intact.”

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