Watch: Crown Prince of Dubai shares clip of world’s deepest pool which has a sunken city

Dubai/Bhubaneswar: Dubai is now home to the deepest swimming pool for diving in the world with a depth of 196 feet or 60 metres.

A part of Deep Dive Dubai, the pool is reportedly a ‘world record breaking facility’ which is 15 metres deeper and four times bigger than any other diving pool in the world. The Guinness World Records certified the pool as the ‘deepest swimming pool for diving’ on June 27.

“The Pearl Diving Pool is a facility of approximately 5,000m2 gross floor area constructed for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. It will primarily be an indoor scuba diving facility for training and recreational purposes, with facilities for education, training and recreation,” Guinness said in a statement.

One of the main attraction of the pool is that it features a stunning ‘sunken city’. The crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, recently took to social media platform Twitter to share a video of the pool

“An entire world awaits you at Deep Dive Dubai the world’s deepest pool, with a depth of 60 meters (196 feet),” he wrote on Twitter.

The video features divers exploring an underwater city that has trees, bathrooms and even libraries.

The Deep Dive Dubai website reports that the indoor pool contains 14 million litres of freshwater which is equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“There are quite a few dive pools in the world that are deep, but this one is so much more interesting,” Director of Deep Dive Dubai Jarrod Jablonski told CNN. “It’s not only deepest and largest, but the sunken city effect makes it next world order.”

The pool will be open to the public sometime later this year.

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