Watch: Delhi Jal Board sprinkles water on Yamuna to dissipate toxic foam, social media reacts hilariously

New Delhi: Ahead of Chhath Puja on Wednesday, health experts warned the devotees intending to take a dive in the Yamuna river of skin irritation and atopic dermatitis from its toxic foam.

Bathing in the river’s toxic foam can cause drying of skin and severe eczema, Professor and Department Head of Dermatology at the RML Hospital, Dr Kabir Sardana, said.

Ammonia and phosphate levels in the Yamuna river caused by the industrial pollutants, have been rising at an alarming rate leading to the formation of hazardous foam at many places.

To solve the crisis, the Delhi Jal Board came up with a baffling solution and sprinkled water through pipes into the water to dissipate the toxic foam.

“We are sprinkling water in the Yamuna to dissipate toxic foam,” says Ashok Kumar, Delhi Jal Board employee.



The bizarre move triggered a barrage of social media reactions, mostly ridiculing the Delhi Jal Board.

“Big brain moment! And how will dissipating toxic foam make water any less dangerous? Next they’ll spray oxygen from oxygen cylinders in the air to disperse the smog,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Can’t believe this is the same country which has IIT AIIMs like institutions,” wrote another.

According to studies, Ammonia levels increase frequently in Yamuna. The high level of ammonia present in the water makes it difficult for aquatic organisms to sufficiently excrete the toxicant, leading to toxic build up in internal tissues and blood, and potentially death.

(With IANS inputs)

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