[WATCH] Devotees left ‘pawstruck’ after visiting this temple

Mumbai: The Internet has recently proclaimed its latest social media sensation and it is ‘pawdorable’.

Social media users were left awestruck at endearing videos of a stray dog at Siddhivinayak temple in Siddhatek town of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra that was communicating with the devotees, who walked out of the temple, in its own unique way.

In the videos shared on Facebook by one Arun Limadia, the dog was seen seated on a stone block by the stairway of the temple and extending its paws to shake hands and occasionally blessing them by placing its paws on their heads.

Watch here:

The videos that collectively garnered over 16,000 views, around 28,000 shares alone on Facebook were showered with the netizens’ unending love.  While one user wrote, “Aashirwad mil gaya 2021 ki suruaat mey,” another wrote, “Absolutely precious!”


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