Watch: Globetrotting walrus ‘Wally’ swims more than 4,000 km, spotted in Iceland

Reykjavik/Bhubaneswar: Internet sensation Wally the walrus who was missing for 22 days and believed to be dead surprised everyone by turning up in Iceland.

Weighing a massive 880 kg, the arctic mammal was spotted in Iceland on Sunday. A viral video on social media shows Wally taking a leap into the water from a floating deck. The walrus was last seen in Ireland which is around 900 km away from Iceland. Wally is often referred to as the wandering walrus because of its penchant for world travelling before resorting to this home in the Arctic.

“After 22 days with no confirmed sightings, we were starting to lose hope of ever seeing the young, wandering walrus again. However, we just received notice that a similar-looking walrus was sighted yesterday in Iceland,” wrote Seal Rescue Ireland on Twitter.

According to the Dailymail, the globetrotting Wally travelled to exotic locations in France, Spain, and even in the Isles of Scilly in southwest England.

The BBC reported that Wally travelled an approximate distance of 4,000 km to reach Ireland and then a further 900 km to reach Iceland.


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