Watch: Indian mom reacts to daughter buying Gucci belt worth Rs 35,000, internet can’t stop laughing

Bhubaneswar: The latest viral video to take the internet by storm is an Indian mother reacting to her daughter buying an expensive belt from luxury fashion brand Gucci.

The belt in question, green and red in colour, resembles a school uniform belt and costs a whopping Rs 35,000. The mother’s reaction to her daughter’s expensive purchase has left everyone in stitches.

The mother even goes as far as to suggest that the belt could have been bought at a cost as low as Rs 150, and that too if the buyer was spending generously.

Shared on the Instagram account ‘@yourregularmom’, which is run by the Ranchi-based mother-daughter duo Anita and Chabi Gupta, the video has sofar garnered nearly 2 million views on social media.

Sharing the video, the account captioned it: “’My DPS belt’ ft. Bihari mom’.”

As with typical mothers, the woman tells her daughter that the purchase was unnecessary and that she was being too liberal with her expenses.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to the video:

“This video was pure bliss. Can’t stop laughing. Your Mom is so…so adorable,” wrote one user.

“Epic…Only moms can bring down a global luxury fashion brand like this,” wrote another.


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