Watch: Kannada actress asks reporter what he did on his wedding night

Bengaluru: Faced by an intimidating question from a reporter, popular Kannada actress Rachita Ram known as ‘dimple queen’ responded by asking him ‘what he had done on his wedding night’.

The reporter had questioned her on acting in hot scenes as she had said earlier that she won’t do such scenes, at a press conference for the promotion of her film ‘Love You Rachchu’.

Clarifying on bold scenes in the upcoming movie ‘Love You Rachchu’, she replied that she has done what the script demanded.

Rachita and actor Ajay Rao’s bold scenes in upcoming movie ‘Love You Rachchu’ have gone viral.

People are appreciating the actress’ boldness and upfront attitude. Her fans are describing her as “Kangana Ranaut of the Kannada film industry”.

“There are so many people here who are married. I do not have any intention to embarrass anyone. Generally, I am asking you guys to tell me what people do after marriage? What do they do?” Rachita questioned.

Even as media persons were recovering from her jibe, she continued by answering her own question. “They will romance, right? That’s what is being shown in the film,” she said.

Rachita had said after her release of her film ‘I Love You’ that the hot scenes with super star Upendra in the film had pained her family a lot and she had decided not to act in such scenes.

But she faced the media without an iota of hesitation all by herself, saying if she is acting in bold scenes there should be some reason for it.

“There is some reason if I have done those scenes. You will get to know it when you watch the movie. You just had a kid, you should tell me,” she said smilingly.


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