[Watch] Mother throws 3YO daughter into bear enclosure, video viral

Uzbekistan: Netizens were taken aback after a video of a woman throwing her three-year-old daughter into a bear’s enclosure surfaced on social media platforms. The incident took place in Tashkent Zoo in Uzbekistan.

On February 1, Iranian news network Press TV tweeted a video of the incident.

“VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! CCTV footage shows a woman throwing her daughter into a bear’s enclosure in Uzbekistan’s Tashkent Zoo. The toddler was not harmed by the bear, but she was hospitalized with injuries due to the fall. The woman’s motivation has remained unclear,” the news network’s caption read.

In the forty-nine second video, a woman is seen throwing a toddler into the pit where a bear was strolling.  As soon as the little girl lands into the pit, the bear runs towards her. However, some staff are seen rushing into the enclosure immediately, rescuing the toddler from the spot and carrying her out of the enclosure.



As per media reports the three-year-old girl’s mother threw her into the pit that was about 16 feet below the railing. Although she was not harmed by the bear, she did suffer injuries from the fall.

The toddler was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was given necessary treatment. Moreover, her mother was charged with attempt to murder after the incident.

The video of the incident shocked netizens and they expressed their disgust on the comment section.

While one user wrote, “Insane mother…Tress full conduct, she need psychological support,” another commented, “How could be an accident. Bachi ko usne barrier ke uss taraf khada kiya tha dhyan se dekho…that’s really horrible.”


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