[WATCH] ‘Ocean on fire’ in Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what caused it

Bhubaneswar/Mexico: Startling visuals have recently surfaced on several social media platforms showing ‘ocean on fire’ in the Gulf of Mexico.

As per media reports, on Friday, an undersea gas pipeline rupture at Mexico’s state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos or Pemex led to the fire breakout at one spot of the ocean, around 400m away from the oil plant. The fire that resembled like molten lava rushed on to the surface of the ocean forming a circular pattern.

Watch the videos here:

The videos were shared on Twitter by a number of users including Mexican journalists.

Later, Reuters quoted officials from Premex saying no injuries were reported from the incident. They further stated to have sent boats to the spot to douse the flames by pumping water on them. However, some workers suggested that they also used nitrogen there.


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