Watch: Odisha youngsters take you on a love trip

Bhubaneswar: In the middle of an isolated stretch, when the tyre of your car goes flat, it’s that spare wheel, stepney, that helps you to continue with the journey.

Youngsters of Odisha capital are here with a five-minute movie, ‘Stepney’, dedicated to all those who have mastered the theory of love but haven’t yet dared to fall in love.

“Best friends are like stepney in our lives. For couples, they are the ones who help them to keep the relationship going by coaxing and constant suggestions. However, they are the ones who fail to find love in their life. So, this is a story of two such stepneys who bump into each other and wonder if they can drive the car of love,” said Sriddhi Dash, the scriptwriter.

The movie, which features Sulagna Samal and Ravi Sahoo, was released on YouTube on February 14.

This is the second venture of One Room Productions, which started with the short-film, Yagyaseni- The fire born.

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