Watch: Pakistani bride enters wedding venue with portrait of late mother, video goes viral

Islamabad/Bhubaneswar: A viral video from Pakistan featuring a bride entering her wedding venue while carrying a portrait of her late mother has got social media teary-eyed.

Dressed in a resplendent red bridal outfit, the woman was accompanied by her father who looked as emotional as his daughter.

Photographer Maha Wajahat Khan took to social media platform Instagram to share the video. Khan dedicated the emotional clip to all daughters who have lost their mothers.

The video features the girl’s father accompanying her to the wedding venue while guests and relatives wiped their tears watching the emotional gesture unfold.

The video ended with the father hugging his daughter and bidding her goodbye.

The video, shared four days ago, has already amassed more than 3 lakh views on Instagram and garnered more than a 1,000 comment.

“Too emotional to handle,” wrote one Instagram user in the comments section.

“I always cry watching this,” said another.

“Uufffff…….that time of life is really hard for every girl….but specially for those who don’t have there mother with them…..missing u Ami g alot…May her soul rest in peace,” wrote another user.

“Too emotional too handle,” admitted another.

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