[Watch] People irked over ‘Rasogolla Biriyani’ post, sparks outrage

Bhubaneswar: Food bloggers, including the vloggers, have caught a considerable attention than any other content over the internet, during the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. While many earned praises, some found themselves on a sticky wicket.

A Facebook user is in the eye of storm for experimenting with popular delicacy — biriyani. The  contentious post on Facebook page ‘Madly Food Lover (MLF)’ about ‘Rosolgolla Biriyani’ has drawn ire of its subscribers and left many fuming.

Recently, MLF published a post about trying ‘Rosogolla Biriyani. The author wrote, “Rosogolla r Biriyani !!! It sounds unbelievable? But I just had the ‘ Angoori Rosogolla Biriyani ‘ along with Hara Bhara Kebab , Aloo Chaap and Dahi ka Chutney (along with Raita and vinegar soaked Peyaaz) and Firni .” She also posted a video of her tasting the biriyani from the served pot.

Rosogolla r Biriyani !!!It sounds unbelievable ? But I just had the ' Angoori Rosogolla Biriyani ' along with Hara Bhara Kebab , Aloo Chaap and Dahi ka Chutney ( along with Raita and vinegar soaked Peyaaz ) and Firni . The combo seemed very interesting and is a part of the delivery menu called ' Biriyani Bahaar ' by Aaheli Xpress . Priced at Rs 799/- thus serves for 2 people . There is also Biriyani for Vegans and for the ' Maach loving Bangalis there is Katla Biriyani and also the Mutton Biriyani Combo .

Posted by Madly FOOD Lover – MFL on Saturday, 3 October 2020

Moments later, her FB page was stormed with messages from several users in the social networking platform. While some users expressed wish to try the dish sometime soon, some made fun of it but a larger section of users posted scornful messages for the MLF admin.

One user mockingly wrote, “Add some tea in it.”
Another wrote in Bengali, “Biriyani niye esob nyaka natok cholbe na.”

Talking about some of the distasteful messages, one user wrote, “Biriyani without meat? U can call it roshogolla polau or something like that but not biriyani,” while another user commented, “Please stop! Even the introverts are here it’s that serious… “BIRIYANI” is an emotion and we should not experiment/play with emotions.”

The MLF post shows 1.2K shares and 1.4K comments by far and people are still continuing to react on it. However, the question remains, would you want to try the dish?


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