Watch: ‘Suspicious’ long queue at RBI Bhubaneswar to exchange Rs 2000 notes

Bhubaneswar: A long queue was spotted in front of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Odisha capital as a large number of people gathered there to exchange currency notes in denomination of Rs 2000.

Though such a scene should be an expected one as banks have stopped accepting Rs 2000 notes since October 7, suspicion rose as each of them were carrying Rs 20,000.

On being asked by media persons, some of them said they were getting paid Rs 200-300 to stand in the queue and exchange the notes. However, they were unable to say about the identity of the person who was paying them the amount.

It is being alleged that the matter is an attempt to convert black money into white.

“We have no information about people getting paid for exchanging the notes. However, as per norms, we are keeping necessary identity-related documents of those coming to the RBI for exchanging the notes. This apart, CCTV camera has been installed at the exchange counter,” said Regional Director, RBI Bhubaneswar.

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