[Watch] This cheesy ‘Kullad Pizza’ evokes mixed reactions

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai:  Pizza happens to be a comforting food for many. This  Italian dish has not only received a lot of love in India but also been given several ‘desi twists’ time and again, the latest being ‘Kullad Pizza’.

On March 10, a YouTube channel named Aamchi Mumbai posted a video featuring ‘Kullad Pizza’ introduced by The Chaat Corner, a snack outlet in Adajan area of Surat.  In the video, the person making the dish is seen adding sweet corn, chopped tomatoes, paneer (cottage cheese), pizza bread crumbs, sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, mozzarella cheese and chilli flakes and mixing them all together. He then puts the mixture into the kullads (clay cups) and adds some more paneer, corns, sauce, cheese and chilli flakes on the top.

The kullads loaded with the fillings are then put in an oven to bake. After a few moments, the person gets the Kullad Pizzas out of the oven and serves with freshly chopped coriander leaves garnishing.


Watch here:


One serving of Kullad Pizza costs Rs 80. Aamchi Mumbai also mentioned that the making of the pizza was tempting and it tasted ‘very yumm’.

Soon the Kullad Pizza video went viral and by far it has over 22lakh views. The dish received mixed reactions from netizens. While some appreciated the idea of preparing pizza in kullad, some other trolled the pizza maker from garnishing it with chopped coriander leaves.

“Dhaniya be like : I’m going to ruin the whole taste,” one user wrote on the comment section.

Another wrote, “First time seeing breadless pizza this is ridiculous.

Some netizens also appreciated the efforts of the maker. One wrote, “I’ve never seen this before. It’s amazing. Looks very delicious.”

Another wrote, “Added to my list of food to try in my next trip!”

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