Watch Video: Rahul Gandhi relishes biryani as he features on Village Cooking Channel

Chennai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recently joined a group of cooks in Tamil Nadu and created waves on their cookery show as they have prepared and relished a mushroom biryani accompanied by raita. ‘Village Cooking Channel’ known for its cooking videos, boasts of nearly 5 million subscribers.

On Friday, the channel uploaded a 14-minute video that showcased the preparation of a mushroom biryani.

Comprising an experienced old man and four more young men, the culinary squad, donning traditional vesti (lungi) chose a bright open area to whip up the delicacy.

Once they completed the final step and left the succulent biryani to simmer, Rahul Gandhi was seen in a blue t-shirt entering into the area, accompanied by an interpreter.

“Welcome to Tamil Nadu,” said the cooks, inviting Gandhi.

“I wanted to come from the beginning but I didn’t have time. So I have come now, show me what you are doing,” said Gandhi.

The five men were ecstatic on learning that Gandhi is interested to learn about their cooking and also chip in to make the raita accompaniment.

“Can I also help mixing,” he asked, even as the men apprise him of the Tamil names of the ingredients and tell him the procedure.

Emulating the old cook’s style of shouting out ingredients before mixing, Gandhi followed the suit, dumping an earthen pot full of curd into a vessel containing chopped onions.

Later, former Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president, Dinesh Gundu Rao, also joined the group as they wait for the feast.

Gandhi wished if he could tell his United States’ friend Sam Pitroda to look for opportunities, including suggesting them to showcase their wares in other Indian state as well.

Elated over Gandhi joining them, the cookery channel posted: “Today we have a big moment. Rahul Gandhi joining our cooking show and he encouraged us a lot. Thank you so much Rahul for this great opportunity.”


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