[Watch viral video] Elephant teaches hygiene to her baby!

Bhubaneswar: As mankind reels under the effect of the coronavirus outbreak, nature is healing and taking over. Facebook and Twitter are full of videos of animals and birds coming out on the deserted streets across the world.

Be it humans or animals, mothers are always the same, a mother’s love has no limits. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, everyone is taking care of their hygiene, while sanitizing hands, washing them and maintaining social distance.

A mother elephant making her calf keep its feet clean and taking care of its hygiene is making people gaga over it. The video of this has gone viral on social media.

Indian Forest Service(IFS) officer Susanta Nanda shared this adorable video with the caption,”Cajoled by the mother,this elephant calf is trying to keep its feet clean. Corona or no Corona, remaining clean is a habit”.

This 30-second video shows a baby elephant trying to clean its feet using its trunk.

It is one of the most engaging video that have come across . The clip went viral as soon it was tweeted. Within an hour of posting, it garnered over 3.3 k views and 95 retweets.

With almost of the human population is under lockdown due to this deadly Covid-19, it seems as if animals  are reclaiming their space that they had lost to rapid urbanization.

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