[WATCH]Monkey plays video games with brain signals; Elon Musk shares video

Bhubaneswar: Ever come across a monkey playing video games like a pro using brain signal?

You heard that right.  Neuralink,  Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company that’s known for developing implanting brain-machine interfaces, recently, recorded a nine-year-old macaque monkey named Pager playing MindPong with two Neuralink chips inserted on each side of its brain.

After almost one and a half months’ practice, Pager could play the video game Pong  for a banana as a reward.

Pager playing MindPong


Demonstrating how Neuralink helped the monkey play a human video game, media reports revealed that the chips sent brain signals from Pager through an electrode transmission device called N1Link which then decoded and calibrated to predict the intentions.

Musk today shared the YouTube link of the video on his Twitter profile with a caption, “Monkey plays Pong with his mind.”


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