What rings in your mind when you think of ‘New Year resolution’? See list whether it matches yours

Bhubaneswar: It’s New Year’s Eve and all precautionary measures owing to the pandemic aside, there is no second way to welcome the new year without a ‘new year resolution’ now, is there!

The Covid-19 pandemic has been here for over two years now. Considering the ongoing pandemic and the onset of the latest Omicron variant, the New Year 2022, like the last two years, will be welcomed sans the glamorous zero night parties and mass gatherings. Safeguarding health is of utmost priority after all.  

However, there’s one harmless tradition without which welcoming the New Year may not seem fitting and that is, making a new year’s resolution. We interacted with people and gathered most of them have settled roughly for these New Year’s resolutions:

·      Taking a Gym subscription: Many people talked about focusing on their physical fitness in the upcoming year. From joining gym, to cutting down on sugar and mindful eating, their to-do list had it all.  

·      Quitting alcohol: Some shared that they would try and quit alcohol consumption and set limits on smoking cigarettes.

·      Reducing screen time: A considerable number of people said they would check their digital addiction by reducing their daily screen time.

·      Save money: This, of course, is a ‘must-do’ for a lot of people. Many talked about preparing regular planners and checking on mindless expenditure.  

·     Resort to better lifestyle: For some people, both millennials and elders, resorting to a better lifestyle remains top priority. They talked about following discipline and time table that includes waking up early in the morning, exercising regularly, eating right in the right time, giving time to self apart from personal and professional obligations and going to bed early.

·      Reading as many books: A number of people talked about making book reading a regular habit. A couple of people said they were planning to read more books in the year 2022 than they did in 2021. Others said they were planning to take out at least 15 to 20 minutes from their schedule every day to read books.   

·      Try to live happier and healthier: This mostly came from millennials. They narrated that in the New Year, they would consciously try to lead a happy and healthy life.

·     Explore a new hobby: Regardless the age, many people talked about taking up a new hobby and exploring it as much as possible.

·     Pay attention to mental health: Some people stressed that in the upcoming year; they would prioritize their mental health and keep away from everything and everyone that destabilise their mental wellbeing.

·    Allow self to chill a bit: Again, some millennials shared that they had taken their respective educational and professional careers way too seriously and ended up feeling burnt out. So, in 2022, they will allow themselves to take occasional breaks from studies and work and chill themselves out a bit.

·      Indulge self in some social work: A couple of people talked about the highs and lows they had to witness in their households or around them amidst frequent lockdowns and shutdowns. With those pictures in mind, they said that in the upcoming year they would engage themselves in some sort of social work.   

·      Learn to play a new musical instrument: People with some inclination towards music said they would take up classes to learn playing some musical instrument. The most commonly opted instruments were guitar, tabla, flute, keyboard and cajon.

So, what’s your New Year resolution!



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