When children smile, the future of our nation shines

Dulanga: In an effort to end educational disparity, NTPC-Dulanga distributed school bags to the students of a government-run primary school at Kalamegha locality on 25th November, 2022. A total of 50 students benefited from the drive.

NTPC-Dulanga is sensitive to the fact that the very basic things of life are a distant reality for many. Even in the past days, NTPC-Dulanga has conducted many such events. One of those events was conducted at Ekalavya Seva Ashram, an orphanage located in Hemgir. As we all know, the challenge of healthcare disparity still remains extremely prevalent in our nation. In an effort to end the distinction, a medical camp was conducted by NTPC-Dulanga and was managed by Dr Bukke Sai Krishna under the auspices of Prerana Ladies Club to improve the access to healthcare.

Following the medical camp, hygiene kits were distributed among kid inmates at the ashram in an effort to provide them with a more dignified life. Mosquito nets were also given in response to the increased cases of illness this season.

Prerana Ladies Club president Jyoti Jalota, including other members and the programme facilitators from R&R Department of NTPC-Dulanga, attended the event.

The inmates and Ashram staff expressed their appreciation for the event. NTPC-Dulanga is determined to organise many such events in the future covering greater masses.

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