Where there is US, there is trouble: Syrian Ambassador

Bhubaneswar: Amidst the ongoing tensions between the United States and Iran, Syrian Ambassador to India Riad Abbas said on Monday that “where there is US, there is trouble”.

Abbas, who met Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik here, criticised American interference in the affairs of the Middle East countries.

He said his nation did not believe and had no confidence in American policies.

“Where there is US, there is trouble. Who has invited America to Middle East countries,” he asked.

Abbas said that all American policies have failed in the Middle East.

“The US could not stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea. They could not do any form of development in Ukraine or the Middle East. The Americans follow the Israeli policy in the Middle East and have failed miserably,” said Abbas.

In response to US-Iran tension, he said Iran has now become a superpower and can defeat the Americans.


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