Why did Anant Mahadevan make film on Gour Hari Das?

Mumbai, Aug 1:

Director Anant Mahadevan says he chose to make “Gour Hari Dastaan: The Freedom File” as it is an inspiration tale about a real life man who first fought for the country and then had to fight against the same country.

Pic Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com
Pic Courtesy: www.indianexpress.com

Gour Hari Das reportedly had to fight for three decades to get a certificate recognising his work as a freedom fighter.

Talking about the reason why he decided to make the film on the man, Mahadevan said: “There are very few incidences when we meet a person who is alive, who is a very big personality and at the same time, a very simple and honest man in actual life.

“His fight was first for the country and then he fought against the same country for freedom. This is a very strange situation and this type of a biopic has never come on screen from which we get to learn so much. Hence, I made a film on this freedom fighter Gour Hari Das.”

Gour Hari Das is a freedom fighter who fought with courage for our country and had to struggle for more than 30 years to prove his identity as a freedom fighter. Vinay Pathak portrays him in the film.

The film’s music was launched here on Friday in the presence of its cast and crew sans Vinay Pathak. Gour Hari Das himself was present at the music launch, and said: “I have some cuttings, clippings and photographs of the film. When I go through them, I cannot differentiate between myself and Vinay Pathak. He is so good and worth admiration.”

The film will hit the screen on August 14, where this real life story has to fight against Karan Johar’s “Brothers”, which is also releasing on the same day. (IANS)

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