Why is RJ Anil not on Facebook?

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 18:

To the Odia masses, he is known as ‘Choklate Autowala’; the happy-go-lucky guy, who roams about Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and narrates the hustle and bustle of city life. He is sometimes sartorial and at others, grave. The only measure to gauge his mood and his personality is his voice.



He is RJ Anil of Radio Choklate 104 FM and ‘Choklate Autowala’ is his show that airs in the evening.

The deal with RJ Anil is, he is identified only by his voice to his listeners. He has no presence on the social media and has no inclination to do so in the near future. His listeners and fans have absolutely no idea about his looks or his original persona off the air.

“I have always been fascinated by voices. As a child, Harish Bhimani’s (voice of Samay in Mahabharat aired on DD National and Amin Sahani’s  (the host of Binaca Geet Mala) voices were fascinating. I would always be curious about their personalities and be in awe of them.,” says Anil, who wants to stay a mystery to his fans.

Anil is of the opinion that his voice is his social medium. He talks to fans through his show and never ever shares his mobile number with anyone outside of work. The aura of mystery surrounding him has the phone ringing off the hook with calls from inquisitive listeners and fans. With the rest of the RJs active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Anil has never felt the pressure to share his pictures, update statuses or check-ins.

“My take in this regard is old school. I am an RJ and my voice is my signature. I want to be remembered by it. My looks restrict my personality. My voice however is not bounded by any limitation. I can modulate it and change the entire context and circumstance with it,” he added.

Anil’s favourite voice in Ollywood is that of the ultimate villain of the Odia film industry, Hara Patnaik. Anil wants to touch the hearts of people by his talent of mimicry and comedy with a dose of wit and humour. He feels strongly about the nuances of children begging on the streets and his shows are laced with social messages as well.

RJ Anil hosts ‘Choklate Autowala’ from Mon-Sat at 5 pm and ‘Kalamandir Geet Mala’ on Friday at 8 pm on Radio Choklate 104 FM. He can be reached at 0674-2548104.

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