Adopt don’t shop: 5 reasons to opt a stray canine friend over high-priced pedigree breeds

In today’s fast-paced world of strict deadlines and short-lived bonds, it is not unusual to feel lonely and in need of affection every once in a while. A feasible and rewarding option can be getting a pet. Undoubtedly, getting a pet is no child’s play and comes with significant responsibilities, but with a little determination, you might just be able to get one.
(source: ChandigarhX) Talking about pets, our most common choices are dogs. Apart from being highly responsive, dogs offer unconditional love, emotional support, and constant cuddles to keep social isolation at bay. A small Australian study discovered that dog ownership reduces loneliness. If that’s not convincing enough, another survey even proved that keeping dogs as pets increases the chances of having a longer lifespan by contributing to your everyday health and lifestyle habits.

Adoption: Myths and Facts

Despite the general popularity of dogs and dog lovers, one factor plaguing the Indian society is the rigid outlook against adopting dogs, mostly indigenous dog breeds, instead of buying high-priced pedigree breeds. Apprehensions regarding the “quality” and capabilities of stray dogs have been clouding the Indian populace for decades, and it’s about time we debunk some myths!
(source: DNA India) Myth: Indian dog breeds are generally weaker. Fact: Indian stray animals might appear weak since they sustain on scrapes and food offered by locals. However, with a proper diet plan and regular exercise, they can any day take on their pedigree counterparts. Myth: Indian dog breeds are hard to domesticate. Fact: Indigenous dog breeds, like all other species, need proper training and a controlled environment. Even stray dogs can be disciplined with the right procedure. Hence, making them suitable for domestication.
(source: TOI) Myth: Indie dog breeds are not very appealing to look at. Fact: “beauty lies in the eyes of the onlooker.” objects are used as status symbols, not pets who offer you cuddles any time of the day. Well-groomed Indian dog breeds are as beautiful as the fancy furred companions. They will still love you as much as a posh breed, such as a Siberian husky.

Adoption Vs. shopping 

(source: new Indian express)
When the purpose of getting a dog is to find a new best friend, why must we discriminate between dog breeds? Here are five reasons as to why you should ‘adopt don’t shop: 1) Indian dogs are better-suited for Indian climatic conditions– It is not uncommon to see people owning dogs that are not suited for the kind of climate a city has. A good example is Siberian huskies, and saint Bernards kept by people living in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai when these dogs require a very low-temperature climate. Instead of making a dog suffer only because it suits your posh lifestyle is cruel and humane. A feasible and rational option would be getting an indie breed, which is perfect for the climatic conditions persisting in such cities.
(source: luxury travel advisor) 2) Indian stray dogs have a more robust immune system– if there’s one thing these indigenous dogs learn living on the streets, it is the trick to battle diseases that are usually fatal for high-maintenance dog breeds. Adverse conditions make them stronger and more immune to hardships.
(dog express) 3) Adopting is more feasible– Pedigree breeds are sold at very high costs ranging upon their rarity. Not only is the price of buying very high, but pedigree dogs also involve high maintenance charges. A comparatively feasible option would be to get a dog that is up for adoption since that’s practically free of cost. Online social media groups and local animal welfare organizations always have multiple dogs put up for adoption; hence, making the process very easy! 4) Adopting means saving a life– millions of dogs in India die every year due to road-accidents or poor living conditions. Cases of cruelty towards animals are also widespread in our nation. By adopting a dog, you are taking home a life that would’ve otherwise be left on the streets.
(source: four paws) 5) Greater satisfaction– dogs are known to man’s best friend due to the loyalty they offer. Adopting a dog will not only give you unconditional love but will also boost your morale. Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment in our otherwise lonely world. When you adopt, you also feel proud of helping an animal in need! So what are you waiting for? Bring home a dog today, and don’t forget to ‘Adopt Not Shop’!
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