Windfall for Maoists surrendering in Maharashtra

Mumbai, Aug 21 :

Maharashtra is luring Maoists with incentives if they lay down arms and surrender to bring down violence in the some of the worst-hit districts.

The state has revised and enhanced rewards and rehabilitation for various categories of Maoists who give up violence and join the mainstream society, according to a cabinet decision late Wednesday.

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A village or area Maoist will be entitled to a reward of Rs.150,000 – up from existing Rs.40,000 – if he/she surrenders.

A local dalam commander or deputy commander would get between Rs.200,000-Rs.300,000, up from the present Rs.75,000-Rs.200,000.

Platoon commanders would be entitled to between Rs.250,000-Rs.400,000 and company dalam commanders would get between Rs.350,000-500,000, while any company dalam members would be given Rs.250,000.

Any group of Maoists which surrenders would get between Rs.400,000-Rs.1 million, double the present compensation.

Husband-wife Maoists surrendering would get Rs.150,000, triple the existing Rs.50,000.

Divisional level members of office-bearers would be rewarded with between Rs.600,000-Rs.1 million, state-level or special zone committee members would be paid between Rs.800,000-Rs.1.50 million.

At higher levels like regional bureau, central committees or polit-bureau members or office-bearers, the compensation has been enhanced from the present Rs.400,000-Rs.1 millon to between Rs.1.60 million to Rs.2 million.

Even the weapons the surrendering Maoists bring in with them would fetch rewards – Rs.150,000 for Light Machine Guns, AK-47/57/74 rifles, SLRs, rocket launchers, wireless sets, grenades, and electronic detonators.

The government would ensure that the rewards would be utilized to buy assets as a commitment that the Maoists are ready to integrate into mainstream society, an official explained.

Justifying the rewards, the official said that since the launch of the scheme in 2005, 410 Maoists have laid down arms and last year along, 38 Maoists surrendered.

The state is optimistic that with the huge enhanced benefits, many who have taken to Maoist activists would embrace a normal life.


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