With amusement and entertainment, Odisha-All the Way premiers tonight!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 7:

What tourist destinations come to our mind when we talk about Odisha? Is it just Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark? Does your bucket list of to-go places in Odisha just have these three places?


Worry not.

KANAK NEWS brings to you the first of its kind travel show on Odia television for the first time ever tonight: Odisha-All the Way. It is not just some other travel show where you have an anchor who talks about the origin, history and cuisines of a town off the script in a monologue.

Here you have two exuberant youngsters who are let lose to explore a place that you have already heard about or seen. The journey of these two guys (Siddharth and Shubham) is the piece de resistance of the show: the talk to each other about the place, speak to the locales, taste the local cuisine, soak themselves in the local lifestyle, chitchat with the local youth and college students, all while ribbing each other, taking selfies and if they remember it- speak to the camera!


The premier episode of Odisha-All the Way follows these two gallivanting hosts to the renowned water lagoon in Odisha: Chilika and promises its viewers nothing but amusement and entertainment.

So clear your television viewing schedule at 9:30 tonight, because it is Odisha-All the Way time on KANAK NEWS.


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