Woman stripped, assaulted in public goes missing

Patna, July 21 :

The middle-aged woman, who was stripped and assaulted in public for allegedly kidnapping two men, went missing Monday from a Patna hospital where she undergoing treatment, officials said.

Sangita Devi, in her 40s, was stripped and assaulted Wednesday night for allegedly kidnapping two men who were involved in a land deal with her in Nizamuddinpur village, 50 km from Patna, in Jehanabad district.

The bodies of the two men were found Thursday near Sigouri in Patna, police said.

Officials said some people barged into the woman’s house and forced her out. They vandalised her house and then stripped and beat her up in the presence of other villagers.

She sustained severe injuries and was hospitalised.

“The woman who is also accused of murder of two men disappeared from the hospital early Monday,” a police official said.

A first infomation report (FIR) was lodged against her by the father of one of the two men killed.

In fact, three FIRs have been lodged in the case. An FIR was lodged Friday against 600 unidentified people for stripping and assaulting her in public. Another FIR was lodged on the basis of her statement against some four-five people.

Deputy Inspector General Pradip Kumar Srivastav visited Jehanabad to inquire into the case.


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