Women want more sex as they grow older

New York, May 17:

A latest survey looking into women’s sexual health has debunked the theory that women are not interested in sex as they get older.

sex sceneIn fact, they want it more often and they want to spice things up too, revealed the survey conducted by the New York-based marketing firm Lippe Taylor and HealthyWomen.org.

Contrary to popular belief, 54 percent said sex gets better with age, said the survey that included more than 1,000 women aged 18 and older.

The most surprising finding was that 89 percent of women in the age group 45 to 55 are the most experimental.

“As women get older and become more comfortable with their partners and bodies, they find sex can be more pleasurable and even look for ways to spice it up,” said Nancy Berman, nurse practitioner at Michigan’s Millennium Affiliated Physicians.

Twenty-eight percent women said they had sex between two and seven times a week.

The survey found that they were getting more alone time with their partner so it was the perfect time to rekindle their romance with more interesting and exciting sex, said Maureen Lippe, CEO of Lippe Taylor. (IANS)

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